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What does a camera module mean?

2024-04-20 11:32:19 MetInfo 0

What does a camera module mean? Taking the G1 camera module developed by Huaxing Video as an example, we will provide a detailed introduction to the composition and functions of the camera module.

Camera Compact Module, abbreviated as CCM. A camera module is an electronic device used to capture images and is an essential component of a camera. A camera module typically consists of three main components: a lens, an image sensor, an image processing chip, and then connected by a circuit board.

1. Lens

A lens is a device that can gather light into an image sensor, and it is usually a lens group composed of several lenses. Lenses are divided into glass (GLASS) and plastic (PLASTIC) according to their material, for example, 1G+5P represents a glass plastic hybrid lens composed of one glass lens and five plastic lenses. The selection of lenses can be determined based on shooting needs, such as wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses, large aperture lenses, etc.

2. Image sensor

Image sensors are the core components of camera modules, with hundreds or tens of millions of photodiodes on their surfaces. When photodiodes are illuminated, they undergo photoelectric effects, converting light signals into electrical signals. At present, the main image sensors are CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and CCD (Charge Coupled Device).

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